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Inhalation Formulation

Inhalation formulation is one that delivers the drug in the form of a mist to the respiratory tract and or lungs, by a specific device to exert a local or systemic effect. They include inhaled dry powders, inhaled aerosols, and inhaled nebulized solutions for pulmonary administration and nasal sprays for nasal administration. Based on the technical characteristics of different inhalation preparations, OMNI has built a first-class R&D team, coupled with first-class production equipment and quality systems, which enables the company to gradually provide a complete line of DPI, MDI, nebulizing solutions and nasal spray products, and keep working hard for providing reliable, affordable inhalation formulations for patients.

Inhalation device

Inhalation products are a combination of medicines and devices, administered by inhalation, achieving a therapeutic effect, through the coordination between the medicine and the inhalation device. Through the establishment of a professional team, OMNI has carried out extensive research on key technical parameters of the inhalation devices, for example, material structure and aerodynamics, and gradually established device patents and product lines. These product lines cover blister-type dry powder inhalers, capsule-type dry powder inhalers, the reservoir type aerosol inhalers and the breath actuated inhaler. The development of matching devices, such as a small nebulizer to provide a more convenient inhalation device for the patient, has further improved the patient's treatment compliance.