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OMNI announced the company has reached an agreement with a major Indian pharmaceutical company to develop an inhalation product in the US and European markets


Recently, OMNI Pharma (OMNI) announced the company has reached an agreement with  a major Indian pharmaceutical company with a significant global presence, particularly in the US and European markets, to develop a dry powder inhalation product, aiming at the billion-dollar COPD/asthma market in the US, Europe and Canada. OMNI will be responsible for product R&D and manufacture. This not only shows the recognition by international market of OMNI's long-term adherence to high-quality inhalation formulations development, but also a solid step for OMNI’s international expansion.

According to IQVIA data, the global asthma and COPD drug sales has exceeded $52.5 billion in 2018, of which the inhaled formulation sales reached $43.7 billion, accounting for 83.2%; the sales in Europe and America market has exceeded $35.7 billion with inhaled formulation that accounts for 86.1%, of which the market share of DPI is the highest and reaches 41% and MDI for about 40%, while nebulizer is only 6%. Looking back at the domestic market, China's asthma and COPD drug sales reached $2.3 billion in 2018, the market share of inhaled formulation was only 65.5%, which was 20.6% lower than that in Europe and America. There are more balanced medical resources, more mature medical conditions, higher public awareness of the disease, and more reasonable treatment in Europe and America compared with China.

This cooperation with the India pharmaceutical company is a great strategic significance to OMNI. OMNI is a high-tech innovative pharmaceutical company focusing on the research, development, and industrialization of inhalation formulations. Following its motto "In China, for global ", OMNI is committed to providing safe and high-quality inhalation product with international quality. OMNI was founded in 2011 with R&D center located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, and two production bases located in Suzhou and Haimen, Jiangsu province. The company has won the "National Major Project", and was selected as the " Zhangjiang Top 100 companies" and the "Top 100 Chinese Future Medical Companies" in 2018. As one of the few pharmaceutical companies entering the field of respiratory inhalation formulations, OMNI has many advantages in formulation development and device design. Since its establishment, OMNI has received the support of well-known international investment institutions such as Morningside Venture, Lilly Asia Venture, VIVO Capital, SDIC Venture Capital, KPCB and BIO Venture. OMNI not only has in-house R&D and manufacturing capacity of 4 types of inhalation formulations (nebulizer, MDI, DPI and Nasal), but also has the independent design capability of inhalation devices and patent clusters in place. Omni currently has three inhalation products entering the clinical research stage which are targeting COPD /asthma and rhinitis. These products are all using Omni’s self-designed inhalation devices, and the trials are supported by domestic respiratory experts by serving as the PIs. OMNI is anticipated to fill IND of 2-3 new products every year in the next three years.