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OMNI Pharma announces the merger with Shanghai SMC Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to accelerate the pace of commercialization


In April 2021, OMNI Pharmaceuticals (OMNI) announced that OMNI has reached a definitive merger agreement with the medical promotion company Shanghai Sinomedcare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (SMC).


Through this merger, OMNI's marketing system has been improved, and the brand and sales network of OMNI's subsequent products to be marketed will be further built. After the merger, the company will continue to use OMNI Pharmaceuticals, focusing on the development and promotion of inhaled drugs in the field of Asthma and COPD, and accelerate the pace of product commercialization in China and other regions.


About OMNI

Founded in 2011, OMNI is an innovative pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of drug delivery technologies, and is committed to the development and industrialization of inhaled drugs. The founder of the company has many years of work experience in pharmaceutical companies in the United States, focusing on the development of drugs for the treatment of Asthma, COPD and other diseases. The pipeline of products under research covers all key varieties in this field, and the market potential is huge. At present, the company has realized the independent research and development and production base construction of the four mainstream inhalation dosage forms of DPI, MDI, nebulizing solutions and nasal spray products. Meanwhile, OMNI has an independent design platform for Inhalation devices. Several products are gradually entering phase III clinical trials, which will bring China's self-developed respiratory drugs to the domestic market. The company focuses on the expansion of overseas markets, and actively promotes the listing of products in the European and American standard market and the Chinese market with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and partners. "In China, For Global", to provide Chinese and global patients with assured and affordable high-quality medicines is the goal of OMNI.


About SMC

Shanghai Sinomedcare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (SMC) was established in 2011, focusing on the marketing and academic promotion of products in the respiratory and pediatric fields. SMC has excellent brand building capabilities with a strong network of experts and doctors. They also have a professional elite marketing team and experienced market access covering most hospitals, retail pharmacies and e-commerce platforms. At the same time, there is an independent innovative SSaaS platform, expanding the promotion of new and efficient digital business models.