Omni Pharmaceuticals Team
Omni’s focus:

Specialty generic and branded pharmaceuticals featuring drug delivery systems that are difficult to develop, manufacture, and replicate for regulated markets and for the China market.

Current systems:

Inhalation dry powder, nasal and HFA aerosol, and sustained release capsules and tablets.

Regulated market experience

Senior R&D managers with proven track records in bringing products to the U.S. market on behalf of top global drug makers.

Independent or Partnered:

Develops and manufactures drugs independently or with partners, including CRO, co-development and out-licensing opportunities.

Welcome to Shanghai Fosun Omni Pharmaceutical, for co-development, out-licensing, formulation CRO services, and independent R&D and manufacturing for NDA and ANDA projects. All products developed to meet US FDA standards with costs that are highly competitive.