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  • 2011

    November - Shanghai OMNI Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 2012年

    June - The core team was built

  • 2013年

    February - Suzhou OMNI Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd was established.
    March - Series A financing was completed.
    OMNI was included in Taicang Overseas Returnee Program for Scientific Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    OMNI received funding support from Taicang Foreign Trade Public Service Platform Construction Project

  • 2014年

    April - DPI/MDI production lines were finished at the Suzhou site.

  • 2015年

    September - Series B financing was completed.
    OMNI received Gusu Angel Investment for Science and Technology Start-ups

  • 2016年

    October - OMNI’s MDI and DPI products were on the list for the pilot reform of the Market Authorization Holder (MAH) system in Shanghai
    OMNI received funding for the Drug Consistency Evaluation technical service platform from Taicang City Service Industry Funding Support Project

  • 2017年

    October - Series C financing of RMB 260 million was completed.

  • 2018年

    April - Haimen OMNI Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd was established.
    December - OMNI was awarded as 2018 Zhangjiang Top 100 Enterprise.
    December - OMNI was ranked 48th on the 2018 Future Top 100 Healthcare Companies List and China’s TOP100 Pharmaceutical Company List
    OMNI was recognized as the economic transformation and upgrading project of Taicang Bureau of Commerce

  • 2019年

    February - Shanghai operation center was unveiled.
    March - Haimen OMNI Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. started operation.

  • 2021年

    April - OMNI mergered with SMC to improve the marketing system of OMNI
    December-OMNI completed hundreds of millions of yuan in D round of financing